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Acuity North America’s Commercial Lease Seminars

Have your Franchisees Learn The Good Leasing Guidelines for Commercial Tenants

Acuity North America

5 Reasons Why Your Organization Should Bring our Commercial Tenant / Restaurant Lease Seminars to your Franchisees.

Your Franchisees’s most important asset is their location and they deserve the very best education on the Good Leasing Guidelines for Commercial Tenants as presented by Lewis Gelmon, who has been educating owners and franchisees on behalf of multi-unit brands, societies and restaurant conferences for decades. Below are the 5 reasons why you should bring this seminar to your group:

  1. The value of a business is directly tied to its lease
  2. Owners and franchisees are not trained how to negotiate a lease or deal with landlords
  3. Tenants are prone to being taken advantage of
  4. The Good Leasing Guidelines is not common knowledge, cannot be found on the internet and can only be learned through this seminar
  5. Providing this education will save franchisees hundreds of thousands of dollars and provide them with the peace of mind they deserve

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