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Commercial Lease Seminar

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The Good Leasing Guidelines for Commercial Tenants

Businesses are costly. When an owner or franchisee builds out their location, they usually do not think that their landlord could have the ability to prevent them from selling their establishment, relocate them (at their cost), or terminate their lease at their discretion. In Lewis Gelmon’s seminar, members from your organization will learn how the value of their business is directly tied to having a good lease. Lewis Gelmon’s, “The Good Leasing Guidelines for Commercial Tenants” is a fast paced, interactive educational seminar which will provide owners and franchisees with the right knowledge and tools they need when dealing with their tenant lease and landlord to gain peace of mind.

Learning Objectives

  • How to correctly identify the key dates which every owner and operator needs to be aware of in their lease
  • How a lease should be negotiated to maximize value for a sale
  • How to identify common hidden traps in leases which will save thousands
  • Pros and cons of buying versus leasing space
  • How and when owners and franchisees should negotiate lease renewals
  • The importance of inflationary hedged lease agreements in 2023 and beyond

Who Should Attend?

  • Owners and franchisees whose existing lease is coming up for renewal in the next two years
  • Those who are over the age of 45 who plan to sell their business
  • Any owner and franchisee who plans to retire before their current lease expires
  • Owners who want to better understand their lease options
  • Owners and franchisees who are planning on opening a new location or relocating an existing one


To provide owners and franchisees with the knowledge they need to deal effectively with their lease and landlord to gain peace of mind.

How are the seminars delivered?

This is entirely up to your organization! Lewis can deliver the seminar in-person, through zoom, through your organization’s secure webinar platforms, or in-person with live streaming capabilities.

Upcoming Seminars

Coming soon. Stay tuned for details.


What Commercial Tenants Are Saying

Our lease was quickly coming up for renewal and I found Lewis though our local industry association’s conference. He assisted me every step of the way. His knowledge and insight was spot on point and invaluable.

Jack Williams - Pizza Hut Franchisee

Simply a great course… a wealth of information. It provided me with the confidence to ask my landlord the right questions. In the end, I saved a lot of money.

Philip M. Nelson - Burger King Franchisee

The presentation was clear and concise. The information is detailed, but not overwhelming. Well worth attending.

Henry R. - Arby's Franchisee

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